Chamras Kietkong


Chamras Kietkong Born on Friday 10th November, 1916. Graduated from Poh-Chang School of Arts in 1934. Chamras practiced his art including, his portrait work with a friend in the Department of Fine Arts where he met Professor Silp Peerasri who became his mentor throughout his career. H.R.H Price Bhanupunyukol had gotten to see Chamras portrait work and very much admired his talent. Later, asked the government to transfer Chamras from the Ministry of Education to the Silpakorn Department where Chamras worked until the last day of his life. Chamras had expressed three of his most honorable works in his life time; First, the oil painting portrait from a photo of His Majesty King Bhumiphol Aduldej, the current King Rama IX, wearing monk’s robes during his monk hood, named "Bhumibalo" this was upon the request of H.R.H the Princess Mother. Second, the oil painting from live portrait of H.R.H. The Princesses Mother. H.R. Highness kindly sat for him until the work was completed. Third, oil painting portrait of Prof. Sawaeng Sangmangnee. This portrait work received the Gold Medal in The National Art Exhibition. Chamras Kietkong died on Monday 8th August, 1966 at Siriraj Hospital, Bangkok.


Chamras Kietkong


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