Painting by Number

Painting by Numbers 19th August -10th October, 2009Curated by Circle-Curated group Top Changtrakul Sujin Wattanawongchai Cheksant Gangakate Suebsang SangwachirapibanVarieties of Global Numeral Systems which existed today conversed from basic culture to academic development. Across our lives, each day, we are surrounded by numbers. Numbers that are rooted in our culture and social infrastructure, from the day a human is born, throughout in daily activities. In the innovative fields of Music, Medical, Literature, and Art have employed systems of numbers. Numeral systems which human laid down the very foundation of the arrangement affected our whole dimension of live and beyond; Politics, Socialism, Capitalism, Religions, Cultural, etc. Painting by Numbers exhibition unfolds the systems of numbers in different perspectives from each artists perceptions. Each artist, Top Changtrakul, Sujin Wattanawongchai, Cheksant Gangakate and Suebsang Sangwachirapiban, all have worked with numbers- Theory series-of Top Changtrakul, Thinking Resystemized Mathematics was always as difficult and monotonous as the bad memory in his youth has carried out for Top. vivid adventurous journey of numbers and sets of complex lines, leading viewers into excitements and finding themselves fixed on and around the work.I.E.M. series by Suebsang Sangwachirapiban, a reflection of a phenomenon that display the equilibrium and disequilibrium in the systems of numbers and its relationship. The connections between, what we call leaders and followers, bizarreness of the counting systems and interconnections of powers, heroes, victories and the foundation of capitalism. Middle Game series by Sujin Wattanawongchai, Varieties of presentation in our society is in form of numbers with different mediums and contexts such; social, eras, situations and local characteristics. The collected observation had been from eclectic sources; streets, commercial medias, TVs, calendars, schedules, etc. Sujin's journey is well reflected to the human's adaptation of 21st century in daily lifestyle with numbers and its origin. Global-capitalized would be best to describe Cheksant's unseen Thailand series and its process.  The statistics and information of popular products of capitalism and its systems are being criticized. Unveiling the phenomenon of socio-cultural under capitalism with the under erasure (sous rature) approached. This exhibition in an extended development on the existing thoughts regarding the numbers systems assimilate with contemporary context; Socio-cultural, advanced number consequence, behaviors alteration, answerless mathematical inquiries, numbers and street lifestyle, relationship between numbers and principles, numbers on instability as also  history. These paintings aim to reflect the role of numbers and their relationships to human and our contexts.

19th August -10th October, 2009