Niroj Jarungitvittawat


Born: 1975
1996 – Poh-Chang Arts and Crafts College.         
1998 – BFA. (Thai painting) Rajamangala Institute of Technology , Tanyaburi.
2005 – MFA. (Applied Art),Silpakorn University.
2012 – MFA. (Thai Art),Silpakorn University.      
Present:Instructor (Thai painting), Poh-Chang Academy of Arts, RMUTR.
Nijoj has acquired several art awards throughout his career including, Distinguished Prize Panasonic and  Asia Plus Art Exhibition in 2016, 
Second Prize in Bualuang Painting  and 3nd in Panasonic in 2015, Award Winner PTT Art Exhibition and Toshiba “Bring Good Thing to life” in 2014.


นิโรจน์ จรุงจิตวิทวัส


นิโรจน์ จรุงจิตวิทวัส Collection