Architecture (Buddhist Faith and Memory)

Samat Suwanapong particularly interests in the beauty of the colors, textures and structural components of Thai architecture, the way that sunlight falls on the surface of different materials, blending with the decorative patterns that characterize traditional Thai architecture. He fascinates by the immediate beauty of things like gold, stained glass, and gold-leafed lacquer, which adorn Thai temples and how it reflects as sacred objects and expressions of a profound belief and devotion to the Buddhist faith. His paintings are a reflection of this interest in colors and textures, and of changes in Thai architectural elements. His inspiration comes from personal experience, which, over the years, has taught him to appreciate the value of the exquisite beauty of Thai temple art as a manifestation of Buddhist wisdom. Samat Suwannapong was born in 1964s. He acquired his both undergrad and graduate degrees in Painting, Sculpture and Graphic Arts at Silpakorn University. He was a visiting lecturer at Burapa University and Silpakorn University. Among many awards from various art competitions, Smart received 3rd Prize bronze Medal Bualuang Art Exhibition 37th and 2nd Prize Silver Medal on the 15th. 3rd Prize bronze medal National Exhibition of Art Bangkok on the 35th and 37th and award winners, Contemporary Art Competition in 1989-1991. Currently Samat Suwannapong is a full-time lecturer at Visual Arts Department, Bangkok University.

by Samat Suwannapong