Sombat Collection – Drawings by Pratuang Emjaronen  ประเทือง เอมเจริญ

Sombat Permpoon Gallery is delighted to present Sombat’s collection of over 37 drawings crayon on paper, dated from 1976s to 2004s by one of Thailand’s most celebrate National Artists, Pratuang Emjaroen. Pratuang was born in 1935 in Thonburi Province. One of the most successful self-taught artists is honored as National Artist in 2005.

Pratuang wrote in “Drawings”, 1992
“In creating work of art, From the beginning, up to now. I have made use of drawing as the starting point to gain knowledge about nature as well as to create my own styles. Besides, as I draw, my mind actually clears up and meditation commences naturally. Thus, drawing can be compared to the key that unlocks the only gate which opens towards the most simple and direct way of art creation. Mastering the art of drawing needs constant practice. Both eyes and hands must work in cooperation with the mind that has gained constant peace and serenity through meditation. Lines, then, can be freely drawn without preconceived ideas of forms or expression methods. Whenever we can feel the energy that flows through those lines, our spirits are free and joyful. In that very moment we can reach out to beauty and can create works of art without ending.”

by ประเทือง เอมเจริญ