Happiness in simplicity

Happiness in simplicity by Pongsiri Kiddee 26 June to 25 August, 2013 2nd Floor Sombat Permpoon Gallery Sombat Permpoon Gallery is delighted to announce "Happiness in simplicity", its latest exhibition by award-winning silkscreen artist, Pongsiri Kiddee. Pongsiri combines his passion for Thai architectural design with his expertise in silkscreen technique through creating constructions of the two as layers of geometric abstracts. The work that results is two-dimensional impressionist silkscreen, full of color and grace. The executions of these ideas are based on his fascination with geometric forms and the intrigue he experiences in the simplicity and peacefulness of these basic straight lines intersecting- triangles, oblong shapes, squares, circles and how these basic forms create and reconstruct objects around us. Ponsiri Kiddee was born in 1977 in Nakorn Sri Thammarat. He received B. .F.A Graphic Art Faculty of Fine Art, Chiang Mai and M.F.A Graphic Art Silpakorn University, Bangkok. he's currently enrolling in Ph.D. study in Silpakorn. Ponsiri received numerous awards from both Public and private sectors including, Toshiba, Panasonic, Bualung Foundation, PTT Global Chemical Public Company Limited and Thailand national award.

by Pongsiri Kiddee