Impromptu 2nd March - 8th May, 2011 Naruemon Padsamran Sombat Permpoon Gallery is delighted to present abstract contemporary paintings and sculptures Impromptu (Don-sod) by Naruemon Padsamran. Naruemon"s work is inspired by her appreciation of the unique, lively tempo and conversational style of singing in found in the type of Thai folk music from the Isaan area known as Luk Tung and Mor-Lam. From this passion for the music, Naruemon creates her art by evolving old Thai folk concert billboards into abstract contemporary paintings and sculptures which convey the postures and rhythm of Thai Folk music dancers, known as Hang-Kreung. These dancers, usually found performing behind the singers, are moved, from a typical outdoor stage where such concerts are staged, to a gallery space, as part of Naruemon’s vision to communicate the movement and music within a still object. Impromptu Mo-Lam is defined as composing music while in the moment, simultaneously singing or playing an instrument in response to another Mo-Lam band. Naruemon also defines the Impromptu series as a conversation within herself, using her success and learning from her failures in the past 3 years to create series of dialogues within her creativity and materials into her improvisation (Don-sod)of Mo-Lam Born in Maha Sarakham province. She has grown up in a family who runs a business of Thai country music band, which usually goes on tour in the northeastern region of Thailand. Naruemon began to paint billboards and backdrops for the concert stages since the time she was in junior high school. Because of her love in this area of art, she decided to continue her undergraduate study at the Faculty of Fine Arts, Mahasarakham University. For the creation of her art thesis, she returned on the origin of her art inspiration, that of creating the Thai country music billboards that she painted. After her graduation, she has always worked on developing and expanding her work in sculptures. Naruemon was selected by Brandnew Project 2008 to exhibit her first exhibition titled The Luk Tung: Thai Folk Life. curated by Maranne Massaland .

by Naruemon Padsamran