"Cross the Line" by ADP
Exhibition: "Cross the Line"
Date: 24th May, 2017 - 6th June, 2017
Organised by Asia Designer Communication Platform (ADP)
At 2nd Floor Sombat Permpoon Gallery
Organized by the first cross- spectrum design association in Asia – Asia Designer Communication Platform (ADP), “Cross the Line – ADP Joint Exhibition” invites excellent Asian 
and Western designers from 15 countries and 7 fields of design from Architecture Design, Graphic Design, Interior Design, Exhibition Design, Product Design, Fashion Design and 
Stage Design to exhibit their work. From May 24th, their selective projects will be displayed in two-dimensional and multimedia way in Thailand’s leading contemporary art gallery –
 Sombat Perpoom Gallery for two weeks. 

On May 24th at 10:00 am, the exhibitors from different countries will visit the exhibition and be interviewed by media in Sombat Perpoom Gallery on the second floor. 
The organiser Asia Designer Communication Platform welcomes design lovers and interested visitor to catch a glimpse of these excellent designers.

All the exhibitors are international award-winning or prestigious designers, for example, Argentinean Interior Designer Alexander Lotersztain, Jury of Interior Design Excellence Award; 
Annie Ivanova , an Australian Strong Cross-cultural Communicator and Promoter of Asian Design; International Award-winning Dutch Architect and Interior Designer Camiel Weijenberg; 
Chinese Famous Graphic Designer Chen Shao Hua, the Founder of Earliest Design Company in China; International Award-winning Taiwanese Interior Designer Chung Han Tang; 
Irish Graphic Designer Conor Clarke, frequent jury of design awards; Cosmos Design Center, one of the few hotel brands that has its own in-house design team; 
International Award-winning Taiwanese Industrial Designer Janus Huang; International Award-winning Japanese Architect Kikuma Watanabe; Thai Architect Yarinda Bunnag, who designed 
Thailand Creative & Design Centre; International Award-winning Taiwanese Interior Designer Timmy Chou, and many others
In addition to the joint exhibition, ADP is also holding a series of lectures about design on the same day from 14:00 to 17:00 in Hubba-to, Southeast Asia's newest co-working and creative space. 
The lecturers are International Award-winning Dutch Architect and Interior Designer Camiel Weijenberg; the most successful independent curator in Australia, Annie Ivanova; 
International Award-winning Taiwanese Interior Designer Timmy Chou. The topics are “Crafting the Traditional through Design and Dialogue”, “Are You Cats or Dogs?” and “The Gift of Community: 
Empowering Local Design”. Except for the reserved seats for invited designers, these lectures are also open to designers, design lovers and public. Due to the limited availability of seats, 
your attendance will be determined on a strictly first- come, first- served basis.
 Asia Designer Communication Platform, also known as ADP. ADP is an international association for addressing the interests of the design community and promoting design as a whole.
 It is also the first cross- spectrum design association in Asia with offices in Hong Kong, Sydney, and Amsterdam.

Exhibitors: AL Borde, Alexander Lotersztain, Annie Ivanova, Camiel Weijenberg, Chen Shao Hua, Chikako Oguma, Chin Feng Wu, Chung Han Tang, Conor Clarke, Cosmos Design Center, 
Daniel Perez,Felipe Araujo Torres, Hajime Tsuruta, Helena Sandman, Janus Huang, Jenni Reuter, Jooyun Kim, Kazuhiro Sakamaki, Kikuma Watanabe, Layton Reid, Motoki Asano, 
Noriyuki Kasai, Pan Yi Cheng, Pratap Jadhav, Roy Huang, Samuel Gonçalves, Song Bo Yuan, Timmy Chou, Tono Mirai, Vinn Patararin, Yarinda Bunnag, Yong Qing Liu and more